Flash web and banner design

The correct use of Flash will deliver visual impact and enhance the multimedia experience to any web site or advertising banner.

Why use Flash?

Interaction -
Being able to actively interact with a website stimulates users. It actively involves them with content and information.

Product Experience -
Seeing a product in action or being able to manipulate it makes the user that much more comfortable with what it is you have to offer. Product experiences can include an instruction guide or an introduction to products.

Sophisticated Animations -
If you’re looking to do simple fades between a few images or a more complicated animation animation Flash is the most elegant and professional solution. Modern Flash animation can incorporate sound and video making it ideal for tutorials or product demos

Professional and Credible -
The correct use of Flash will enhance a site ging it an upmarket feel.give the feeling that the website costs more. If the Flash was done professionally, this will reflect back to your company.

Example Sites

A few examples of our work - using either Flash elements or complete Flash sites

www.SceptreRecruitment.com - A full Flash site
www.OceanSuperYachts.com - A stylish use of a Flash header incorporated into a large database driven site.
www.CustomersAreForLife.com- A selection of product tutorials with voiceovers

Example Flash Advertising Banner